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Cigars in humidor packs

When it comes to cigars, there are plenty of great times to enjoy one: celebrating, tailgating, relaxing on vacation, fishing, hanging out, just because you wanted one. Tons of scenarios. Unfortunately, while the occasion might find you in an array of different locations, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the cigar itself is going to be up for it.

Until now, that is.

From the moment a cigar is removed from a humidor, whether it be the tobacconist’s or your own, you’re on a pretty short time limit as far as freshness goes. Heaven forbid you want to take one on a trip or keep a small stash in your glovebox. Luckily, we’re living in the future where there is now a wide variety of premium cigars that come in their own humidor—or humidity sealed pack, to be more precise.

Cigars in Humidor pouches -

Whether you’re an aficionado and want to be prepared on the go, or a dabbler and not quite ready to get your own humidor, these sealed packs are perfect. They hold the ideal amount of humidity needed to keep the cigar as fresh as the day it was rolled for up to a year. As for the cigars themselves, you can choose from a variety of legendary brands like Macanudo, Punch, Partagas, Excalibur, Cao, Half Pipe, or Havana Honeys.

About now you’re asking yourself, “So where can I find these snazzy little cigar packs?” Turns out it’s as easy as the humidity sealed pack is ingenious. Just go to, choose your product and location and a map of stocked convenience stores will pop up. That’s right, I said, “convenience stores.” Now, to pick up one of your favorite cigars, you won’t be confined to the hours of your favorite tobacco shop.

Punch cigar and scotch

If you’re having trouble deciding on what cigar to get, also has a handy feature that can help you with that, too. Just click on the Perfect Pairings tab and let the beverages of the event guide you. Beer, wine, coffee, or spirits—they break each one down and tell you exactly which cigar will pair with it best.

Happy (quick & easy) hunting!