I was recently asked if I would do an Affirm review to see just how easy it is to apply for one of their loans. Using one of their many partner sites, I filled my cart up and checked out in under 5-minutes. It’s really that easy.

Affirm Review

What is Affirm, you might be wondering? Affirm allows you a better way to pay for large purchases over time. Best of all, you only have to pass a standard credit check; no hard inquiries required. With Affirm, you pay simple vs. compounding interest, which means you only pay interest on your purchase and not interest on interest.

How do they do it? The simple answer: using modern technology, and not the outdated infrastructure most financial institutions are still using from the 1970s. Yikes!

Their mission statement on their site speaks volumes: “..deliver honest financial products to improve lives.” That’s one idea I think we can all get behind.

Affirm Review on Betabrand

To put Affirm through the proper test for my review, I decided to create what I imagined was a real world scenario. I pretended I was in between jobs and needing a new outfit for the job interview coming up. Not wanting to put anything on my credit card I turned to Affirm and one of their many apparel partners: Betabrand.

To the right of the product image below you will see the price, as well as the monthly payment if you choose to checkout using Affirm.

Affirm example on Betabrand.com

After you fill up your cart and are ready to pay, simply choose Affirm as an option and get the application started.

Affirm Application

Within a minute I was approved for the amount needed. In this case it was just a few hundred dollars, but could have easily been more.

Affirm gives you the power to create smart decisions when it comes to large purchases. Whether you’re looking to buy furniture for your new apartment or new clothes for that job interview, they have you covered. Unlike most credit cards, Affirm is able to be upfront with you and transparent on costs you will accumlate. It’s this reason alone I’m a huge supporter of it.

Betabrand is just one of the many awesome partners available to use with Affirm. Visit Affirm.com and click on “Buy With Affirm” at the top. There you will learn how you can pay over time for your most important purchases, as well as see a list of their partners.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Affirm, Inc.