Would you believe me if I told you that Rowdy Ronda Rousey destroys Cat Zingano so fast that you can watch the entire fight on an Instagram video? If you weren’t aware, Instagram videos only let you post up to 15-seconds of video. Rousey only needed 14-seconds to show off her triumph. Watch it below:

And in case the above video is taken down by UFC’s legal team, here’s a GIF of the entire fight below:

Big thanks to Bud Light for inviting my friends and I to UFC 184 to see such an amazing event. Seeing Ronda Rousey destroy in person, especially as the main event, was once in a lifetime. Oh, and for introducing me to Chuy Bravo (Chelsea Lately) during the #UpForWhatever party. Look at all that swagger.

Chuy Bravo and JoesDaily