Even in this modern age, fathers-to-be can feel pretty clueless about pregnancy. If you and your partner are expecting, here are the crucial things you need to know.

What men need to know about pregnancy

Remember, You Are Both Beginners

If this is your partner’s first pregnancy, she will have just as many questions, worries, and concerns as you have. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because your partner is a woman, she automatically knows how to act and what to do. First pregnancies are brand-new experiences for both parents involved, so remember, this is just as much of a new experience for your partner as it is for you. Then, you can both talk openly about your thoughts and fears together and help each other at every stage of the journey.

Be Emphatic, Even in the First Trimester

Different pregnancy symptoms occur during different trimesters, but too many men do not realize just how much is going on in the first trimester. Your partner’s belly may not be any bigger, but she still has a lot going on inside her body, which will affect her physically and emotionally. The first trimester is often the most exhausting stage of pregnancy. Your partner’s body produces more blood and is in the process of stretching and changing. That means you could find your partner is so tired that she is ready to go to bed at 8 pm. As your pregnant partner goes through these changes, it is essential you remain emphatic about her condition and needs. Be attentive and listen to how your partner feels. And you could show her how much you care by giving her a suitable pregnancy gift. For example, check out these fabulous pregnancy gift ideas for your wife or partner.

Do Not Handle Your Partner with Kid Gloves

Yes, you need to be emphatic and supportive. But that does not mean you have to go over the top and treat your pregnant partner like a fragile china doll. Although pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging, women should remain active throughout their pregnancies. So, do not stand in your partner’s way when she wants to do things, and do not insist you do everything around the house, like making coffee and doing chores. You may think you are helping, but you are not.


Be honest. You are wondering whether you can still have sex with your partner when she is pregnant, right? There are plenty of myths around this subject, but the truth is women can feel either a decreased or increased desire to be intimate during pregnancy. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. Things like exhaustion and discomfort can change how a woman feels about sex, and it is perfectly normal for women to experience libido fluctuations. The important thing is that you respect and empathize with how your partner feels.

Depression and Mood Swings During Pregnancy Is Normal

One element of pregnancy that is still not talked about much is how it can cause depression. Not all pregnant women experience depression, but most will experience mood swings. And often, pregnant women keep their feelings to themselves when they feel depressed, making it more challenging to handle. As her partner, you should remain aware of the possibility of depression and watch out for symptoms such as frequent crying and difficulty in sleeping.

Show Your Support

This is the modern world. You need to be just as involved with the pregnancy as your partner. That means attending childbirth and breastfeeding classes, reading parenting books, and supporting your partner every step of the way. Do not rely on your partner to learn and do everything. Pregnancy is a shared experience.