Forget about Tennis, Gymnastics and Swimming. Taking part or watching on T.V, non-contact sports lack the passion and competitive edge that athleticism is all about. Here we discuss the bloody, sweaty and dirty sports. The kind of action that need stretchers on standby for the inevitable injuries and doctors on the sidelines ready to stand in and save a life. We wont be concerning ourselves with combat sports, its no wonder damage is done if the typical action is punching someone in the face, we like events were the competition and pride leads to fouls, fights and scraps. If it earns you an early bath or not.


There is no doubt that basketball is a very manly sport. That is not to say that women don’t play it – there are many women at the top of their game in basketball as in many other sports. But at its peak it does seem to be a largely male sport, and that is something you can see easily and quickly, whether you watch it in New York or at home, or you even get some entradas miami heat tickets. In any case, it’s a manly sport, and a fun one to watch and to play.

Ice Hockey

A sport that is very popular in countries that place a lot of stock in masculinity. Russia, Sweden, U.S.A and Canada all go crazy for Hockey. Lacerations, concussions and broken bones are all very common in the sport. This may be due to the full contact rules, where players are encouraged to smash into opposition players at speeds approaching 40mph. Even if a player has been deemed to have committed a foul, such as checking from behind, the player is removed from play, only to return moments later. Fights are very regular, tripping and checking are almost expected. Hockey is a tough sport and is a real test of a man’s metal.


Although Soccer is not a traditionally tough guy sport, at the highest level, its very brutal. The players run, jump, kick and dive for 90 minutes (120 with extra time) and invest themselves as a whole in every game. Injuries are very common and elbows, head-buts and stamping have become a real problem in the modern game. In the World Cup 2014 teams have been able to name their entire squad as substitutes, due to injury, exhaustion and the odd sending off. Unlike Hockey if you get sent off for violent conduct, you will be off for good and face a ban. This is unlikely to eradicate the violence from the sport as temperatures run high and players will do anything to help their Nation progress.

Soccer Trip


Don’t let anyone tell you Rugby is like American football. This sport has much rougher tackles with absolutely no pads worn. The game was originally developed at Rugby School and was just one of several versions of football played at English public schools during the 19th century. Hearing a player breaking a bone in a single-match is not unheard of. Just watch this Rugby hits video and see what I mean.


Skiing and Snowboarding

Hitting the snow on a winter get-away can be a relaxing past time. Skiing is what you make of it and if you choose a Black Diamond run, you could be taking your life in your hands. Alpine Skiers are a brave bunch. Deaths and serious injuries are expected and often. The cold conditions make hypothermia and frost bite a concern as well as the broken bones and skin abrasions. If you are considering taking up the sport make sure you have comprehensive medical cover and a last will and testament in place. Skiing may be the exception as it is not a contact sport, but it sure makes up for it in the risk department.

Black Diamond Ski Run

Competitive Eating

Oh, you didn’t think eating could be a sport? You were wrong! The mere fact that competitive eating went on hiatus for a number of years due to choking deaths should be an indicator of how serious of a sport it is. Manly, hot dog eating heroes like Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi are beasts when it comes to devouring processed meats. Joey brought the title back to America when he consumed 66 hot dogs and buns in 12-minutes. WOW!

Joey Chestnut