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Bad Luck - Under a Ladder

The UK’s Lucky Superstitions

A recent survey conducted by Gala Casino has discovered the truth about people’s lucky habits and superstitions in Britain. It has been widely-debated for many years whether or not luck and fortune is a state of mind or if a ‘man makes his own luck’.

Boodles British Gin

Boodles Gin

First distilled in 1845, Boodles is a British gin that has recently reemerged in 2013. Named after the prestigious gentleman’s club in London, The Boodles Club, it was the favorite of club member Sir Winston Churchill.

Don Draper’s Guide to Luxury Watches

As the handsome protagonist of AMC’s hit TV series Mad Men, Don Draper has become a cultural icon of classic American manhood, always being dressed to the nines and knowing exactly what to say. Despite his being a fictional character, the popular men’s interest website AskMen actually named Don the “Most Influential Man in the World” in 2009, beating out tough competition from real people like President Barack Obama and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Famous Guns by Federico Mauro

Famous Guns by Federico Mauro

Federico Mauro’s series titled ‘Famous Guns’ is a collection of familiar weaponry seen on film and television. Each weapon is shot on the same background and titled with the name of the gun wielder.