Ever wonder what the magical lives of Disney Princesses would look like if they never lived happily ever after? Dina Goldstein did and created an amazing photo series called Fallen Princesses, a project depicting the sad lives of our famous Disney females in the real world. The entire project took Dina around two years to finish, and in 2009, the Fallen Princesses was almost adapted into a TV show.

The “Fallen Princesses” series is on display at Le Musée de la Femme in Québec.


'Fallen Princesses' - Cinderella

Snow White

'Fallen Princesses' - Snow White

The Princess and the Pea

'Fallen Princesses' - Princess and the Pea


'Fallen Princesses' - Ariel


'Fallen Princesses' - Rapunzel


'Fallen Princesses' - Belle

Sleeping Beauty

'Fallen Princesses' - Sleeping Beauty


'Fallen Princesses' - Jasmine

Little Red Riding Hood

'Fallen Princesses' - Little Red Riding Hood


'Fallen Princesses' - Pocahontas

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