The Jack Erwin golf shoe is the brand’s first-ever performance shoe.

Since 2013, Jack Erwin has made a name for itself by creating beautiful, thoughtfully designed products that didn’t break the bank. Recently they dipped their toes into the golf pool with the launch of their first-ever golf shoe. Until now they haven’t created a performance shoe before but I think these shoes will open up an entirely new avenue for future performance products.

The Jack Erwin Golf shoe was built to perform as well off the course as it will perform on. They’re beautifully crafted from Pebble grain leather and protected by ScotchGard, making it water resistance for those rainy days on the fairway. Additionally, you will find a Vibram® golf outsole, which is specifically designed for comfort, durability, and traction, and a mesh lining for enhanced breathability.

Jack Erwin Golf Shoe in Black Pebble Grain
Jack Erwin Golf Shoe in Black Pebble Grain

Bottom of Jack Erwin Golf performance shoe

Each Jack Erwin shoe is handcrafted in Portugal, Strobel constructed in a standard D width, and available in White Pebble Grain and Black Pebble Grain colorways. I’m thinking about ordering a pair of the White Pebble Grain shoes. They will look great in shorts, jeans, or slacks, so no need to change shoes when I’m leaving the golf course to meet up with friends at our local watering hole.

Looking further with Jack Erwin golf shoes

I was really excited when I first heard that Jack Erwin was planning on putting out their first performance shoe. Without jumping the gun, since I haven’t tried them on myself yet, I’d like to say that with the success of these golf shoes will bring even more colors. Something we are seeing more and more in the golf industry is the change in clothing. No longer are country clubs holding the dress code as strict as they once were. I think Jack Erwin can play to this and try out some new colors that will pop. I’m sure that the younger generation of golfers will appreciate it and be eager to purchase something that will make them stand out on the golf course. Perhaps some vibrant blues, salmon tones, and muted down brights, such as orange and yellow.