Tour Edge announced the launch of their new line of Hot Launch 4 drivers featuring completely new designs and technology that is made to produce high MOI properties. As the name clearly suggests, the HL4 drivers are the fourth release in the award-winning Hot Launch series from Tour Edge’s founder and master club designer David Glod. The complete Hl4 lineup will be available nationwide and globally on August 1st, featuring everything from drivers to irons at a mid-tier price point.

“We have spent the last 18 months looking at how to improve the best performance value drivers in the game and the end result is an all new shape that has an MOI that rivals that of a $500 driver. It’s an extremely forgiving design that all levels of players can benefit from. This is an early release to a product line that we developed for 2020.”

– David Glod, President & Master Club Designer

HL4 Drivers Specs

Tour Edge HL4 Drivers

The HL4 drivers come in a straight version and an offset version, both of which feature a forged titanium head and Cup Face technology. The latter increases the amount of face flexing for increased club and ball speeds.

The straight neck HL4 driver comes in a 9.5, 10.5 and 12-degree lofts, while the HL4 Offset driver will be available in 10.5, 12 and 13.5-degree lofts. The 10.5-degree HL4 Offset will be available in left-handed. This will make my buddy Patrick very happy.

Tour Edge HL4 Driver Technology:

  • Offset hosel available for maximum slice-fighting control
  • Forged 6-4 Titanium
  • Super-High MOI Sloped Crown
  • Titanium Cup Face technology works in conjunction with Variable Face Thickness technology to provide maximum power from more contact points on the face
  • Further back weight placement in the rear sole weight creates a deep CG
  • Wider and deeper Power Channel technology maximizes face flex.
  • High Launch lofts are available in 10.5, 12 and 13.5 degrees
  • Upgraded UST shaft
  • Upgraded Lamkin Z5 multi-compound grip
  • Expanded custom fitting options

Hot Launch 4 Custom Fitting

Tour Edge has made it clear that they are looking to capitalize on the growing golf trend of customization. They’re just looking to bring it to more golfers by offering a more affordable solution. “That is why we created our 48-hour custom fitting delivery guarantee and why we are making a significant commitment to advertise HL4 heavily on the Golf Channel and elsewhere with the message of Get Fit. Spend Less. Play Better. We want to open up custom fitting to thousands of new golfers who are looking for innovation and performance at logical prices,” said Glod.

To bring Glod’s vision to life, Tour Edge has planned to open over 750 custom fitting centers across the country featuring the mobile HL4 custom fitting bag and their industry leading 48-hour guaranteed delivery on custom fit orders. The process works like this: the customer gets fitted with HL4 clubs at a custom fitting center, orders that get turned into Tour Edge by 2:30 PM Central will immediately start getting built at Tour Edge headquarters in Batavia, IL, then shipped to any continental U.S. state in 48-hours time, either to the customer directly or back to the Tour Edge fitting location where the order began.

As mentioned previously, the Tour Edge HL4 drivers will be made available August 1st, so be sure to find yourself a custom fitting center near you so you can get fitted. I know I will be!