Today’s news of Red Bull Racing terminating Juri Vips is yet another example of how you can’t say whatever you want, even if it is in a moment of weakness while playing your favorite video game.

Juri Vips fired by Red Bull Racing following investigation of racist slur while streaming on Twitch
Photo credit: F1

Smack talk while gaming is quite normal, but that doesn’t mean you can say vial, racist things like what Juri Vips said to get him fired by Red Bull Racing this month. After a short investigation, you can see Red Bull Racing’s decision below via their Tweet:

Juri Vips Terminated After Racist Slur

So what exactly did Jury Vips do to get him fired?

During a live stream session on Twitch with Liam Lawson, another Red Bull junior driver who also competes in Formula 2, Juri Vips can be heard saying “b**** n*****.” The racial slur is ultimately what got the young driver released from Red Bull Racing indefinitely.

Liam and Juri were playing Call of Duty: Warzone, a first-person shooter notorious for its trash talk. Sadly, racism and sexism are common in FPS games, particularly in the Call of Duty franchise, even though the developers love to deny it is even an issue.

It just goes to show, kids, be careful what you say online. Even better, just don’t be a garbage human that thinks racism is ok.

A History of Racist Remarks in Racing

For those unfamiliar with racing, there has been a long history of racism, particularly in NASCAR. That’s probably why you don’t see many POC in NASCAR.

You might remember back in April 2020, during the NASCAR Cup Series when driver Kyle Larson used the n-word while the game he was playing was being live streamed on Twitch. NASCAR and his team at the time, Chip Ganassi Racing, suspended him indefinitely. But after several sponsors cut ties with him, Chip Ganassi’s hand was practically forced, and he fired the driver of the #42 Chevrolet.

You might say that gaming brings out a person’s true colors.