5 Things That Make a Stylish Man

Presented by INC International Concepts

Keeping up with the trends is one thing, but owning your style is another. A stylish man not only pays attention to the way he looks, but he also pays attention to the smallest, most minuscule details. Today’s leaders of the pack take cues from blogs, websites, online images, and social media influencers, making trends more visible and accessible than ever before. Want to stay one stylish step ahead? Read on for the rundown.

1) A Tailored Suit

Even the highest-end suits need altering. Pants should be shortened, jackets should be brought in, sleeves should be narrowed, and buttons may even need to be realigned with buttonholes. When shopping for a suit, buy your correct size, and then bring it to your tailor to have it customized to your body. The silhouette of today is a slimmer, more contemporary fit – perfect for transitioning from the office to out.

2) A Creaseless Shirt

Let’s face it: a tiny patch of wrinkles can take away the allure of a high-end, well-fitting shirt. You can be dressed to the nines in a shirt made from Italian fabric with all the bells and whistles, but if it’s not ironed properly, it’ll look sloppy and far from stylish. If you’re in a rush and have no time for a full-blown ironing session, iron the parts of it that’ll show most – the cuffs, collar… you get the gist. If you don’t have time for that, slip on a jacket to cover the creases.

3) The Right Accessories

While shopping for accessories can get overwhelming, it’s important to have a few key pieces in your daily rotation. Essentials include a smart, well-made tie and a high-quality, wear-with-everything stainless steel watch. Be sure to pick your pieces wisely, though – opting for ultra-trendy extras can instantly take your look from stylish to over-the-top.

4) A Polished Appearance

Being well groomed is the key to making a lasting impression during interviews, meetings, and just about everything else. Go for haircuts that are short on the sides and in the back, and longer on the top for a little extra versatility. Stick with matte styling products, too, since they offer a cleaner, less-shiny finish. Next, a clean-shaven face is almost always the way to go. If you’re a fan of facial hair, be sure to keep it neatly groomed and well-kempt.

5) Tasteful Shoes

A man’s shoes reveal whether he takes pride in the little things. Scuffed or unpolished pairs can ruin an entire ensemble – even if everything else in your look is on point. Invest in a few stylish and sensible pairs and keep them in tip-top shape so you can wear them now and forever. Suggested shade? Brown. Why? It’s simple. Brown pairs add a little extra smartness to your look and go with just about anything – especially gray, khaki, navy, or burgundy.

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