In an age when the excitement around a sneaker will frequently increase its worth more than its design or comfort, the word sneakerhead has lost some of its significance. Before everyone was lined up for the newest pair of ultra-hyped collaboration shoes, there were a handful of classic sneakers that everyone deemed indispensable, like strong yet comfortable men’s timberland boots.

Understanding the tales and historical narratives behind these primary styles is an integral component of the game. This information may result in a stronger appreciation for the evolution of sneaker culture and the product itself over the previous several decades. It’s probably a good idea and time to educate yourself on why Michael Jordan, his reputation, and his shoes have influenced our culture. Carry on reading to see the top seven shoes you should add to your collection.

Close-up of Nike Af1s

Nike AF1s Low or High

How many shoes have their own incredible theme song? There is something about the Air Force 1’s clean simplicity that appeals to a large number of individuals. Although there are infinite options, the original color wave with white-on-white is the greatest and most adaptable colorway. The orange accents on the latest pairs provide just enough variation to this classic. Wear them with a three-piece suit, jeans, or on the beach. It is definitely one of the best shoes ever created.

Adidas Stan Smiths

The Adidas Stan Smith has become one of the most cherished sneakers in history; it was named after the legendary tennis player. The sneaker’s enduring popularity is largely attributable to its straightforward design. New releases, collaborations, and redesigns have infused the ever-expanding Stan Smith family with new updates. Even if there are a handful of classic-worthy collaborations, there is nothing greater than the original. This white leather upper with green accents is future-proof, assuring that you can still wear these shoes in two years or twenty years.

Converse Chuck Taylor

The Converse Chuck Taylor might be considered one of the most influential shoes in history. It would be incredibly difficult to find someone who has never desired or possessed these basketball sneakers at some point in their lives. Since 1917, Chuck Taylor has been a staple of popular culture, influencing genres and fashion fits alike. In the early 2010s, Converse refreshed their famous sneaker, bestowing upon us the equally popular Chuck 70.

The 70’s reinforced construction and retro design pay homage to older All-Stars. The sneaker’s body is constructed with a heavier, more luxurious 12oz canvas. The shoe is much more comfortable than its predecessor due to the inclusion of cushioning and stitching. The Chuck 70s has become the “go-to” shoe for enthusiasts of the style, garnering an influx of partners like Virgil Abloh, Tyler the Creator, JW Anderson, and Rei Kawakubo.

Classic Converse Chuck Taylor in Red

Old Skool Vans

The Vans Old Skool has permeated several subcultures, including skateboarding, punk rock, and streetwear, and is a favorite of celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. The Old Skool’s legendary popularity derives from the fact that it is genuinely a shoe for everyone. With its suede and textile upper and leather Vans Sidestripe, this shoe is immediately recognized, particularly in its famous black and white style.

Classic Puma Suede

What started out as a basketball shoe and evolved into a fashion icon in the late 1960s and early 1970s is often cited as a symbol of the movement against racism and injustice. After Tommie Smith gave the Black Power salute on the podium at the 1968 Summer Olympics, the Puma Suede took off in popularity. He took off the Suede shoe just before stepping onto the stage so that everyone’s attention would be on the protest itself rather than on the shoe.

Reebok Club C 85

The Club C 85, another classic shoe with tennis origins, dominated the footwear business in the 1980s and remains a fan favorite. The shoe’s functionality and unobtrusive aesthetic quickly won over fans outside the stadium, and it went on to become an integral part of lifestyle culture. The desired pair is a return to the first days of the sneaker, with an off-white finish and a classic retro style.

Asics Gels

Since the company’s inception in 1977, ASICS has produced running shoes with a primary focus on practicality. Nevertheless, despite the fact that ASICS has not changed its path, the fashion world has just recently begun to notice significantly. The ASICS GEL-1130 is the ideal sneaker to begin your path toward peak normcore if you’re looking for a subtle way to include this style into your wardrobe. It is the kind of sneaker that will fully dominate your life since it is so amazingly comfortable, supportive, and versatile. In addition, because of Kiko Kostadinov’s talents, time-honored ASICS silhouettes are now more stylish than ever before.