Akomplice’s 2014 Spring 1 Collection

Akomplice’s Spring 1 collection has been unveiled and it features a wide variety of garments, including a goose-down coat, various hats, tees, tanks, crewnecks, socks, and a belt.

The pride piece in the collection is the Padded Mountaineer, a lightweight jacket featuring a secret stash pocket, leather elbow pads, and hiking boot laces as drawstrings. These fine details, especially the boot laces, match the Onitsuka Tiger shoe that Akomplice designed for BAIT.

For the Spring season Akomplice has teamed up with KIKS TYO and the Nature Conservancy. The Project Panther and The Dark Cat series was created with the mission of helping protect endangered species’ habitats by giving back 10% of their proceeds to the Nature Conservancy. KIKS TYO, however, have created a new capsule collection inspired by the Olympics. Both brands are fans of basketball, and the collection represents that. If you look at the designs you will notice both brands featuring their countries’ flags in the color schematics.

The collection is now available at Akomplice boutiques worldwide and will become available on the Akomplice website February 22, 2014, at 2:22PM.

The collection is now available at Akomplice boutiques worldwide and drops on the Akomplice webstore this Saturday, 2/22/14, at 2:22PM.

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