You know that feeling you get when you put on new clothes and hit the town? You feel like a new person that’s unstoppable. That is until you run into someone wearing the exact same clothes as you and you immediately run for shelter.

Apliiq is here to help with your clothing woes thanks to their made-to-order, customization tool. Because there is nothing worse than wearing something that thousands, if not millions are already wearing. Using their library filled with different jackets, t-shirts, tank tops and more, I was able to select the item I wanted to wear and easily customize to my liking. Here are just a few pieces I made.

apliiq caffeine hit denim jacket

100% cotton denim jacket with windows big back triangle, jacket left yoke and jacket right yoke.

Apliiq Denim Jacket

apliiq custom thin jersey zip hoody

100% fine jersey cotton hoodie with jack sparrow hood lining, left kangaroo pocket and right kangaroo pocket.

Apliiq Thin Jersey

The thing I liked most about creating clothes with Apliiq was the sense of individuality. Let’s say you’re designing a jacket like the one I created above — there are literally millions of variations you can create. I went with the windows pattern on both the jacket’s left and right yoke, as well as a large triangle on the back. If you take a look at Apliiq’s vast collection of fabrics, you’ll see why the options are limitless.

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You can see the whole collection I created over on the Joe’s Daily Apliiq store. If you decide to create a few of your own, make sure you Tweet it out at @JoesDaily and @Apliiq so we can see it.