Bison Made No.2 Wallet

As we all know, due to crazy modern inventions such as Passbook and keeping records with someone’s phone number, we are no longer required to carry around membership and rewards cards to 50 different businesses on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this has left us having to deal with a huge void – in our wallets. Thankfully, USA brand Bison Made has taken this problem into account and created a classy little wallet to accommodate this change in our lives. Their No.2 Wallet ($60) is the perfect size to hold all of your necessary credit cards, ID’s, business cards, and cash, and nothing else. These handcrafted beauties are made of 100% leather, with no linings, rubber or glue, and come with a lifetime warranty on their stitching. Check them out in Natural, Malbec, Jet, or Jet Top Stitch.

Sarah Militello-Wilson is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle blogger. Originally from the outskirts of the outskirts of a small town in Illinois, her love and endless curiosity for all things science, nature, and wayfaring have been with her throughout her life. She takes her coffee with milk and flowers :)

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