Blundstone, the original Chelsea boot connoisseur from Tasmania, is joining forces with the American outdoor staple, L.L.Bean, to bring a fresh and unique Chelsea boot to the market. Born thousands of miles apart, these brands have more in common than meets the eye. Both hail from places renowned for their pristine, rugged beauty, and both have been celebrated for over a century for their exquisite attention to detail and undying love for craftsmanship.

Blundstone and L.L.Bean: Kindred Spirits in Quality

Blundstone x L.L Bean chelsea boot

Being family-owned ventures with rich legacies, both these brands understand the value of community and legacy. Their commitment to providing products that are not only high in quality but also stylish and designed to perfection is evident. As Kate Shevack, the Head of U.S. Marketing at Blundstone, puts it, “Our limited-edition boot is a reflection of the core values our consumers have appreciated about both our brands over 264 combined years.” This partnership, a first of its kind for Blundstone in the U.S., is a testament to their shared vision.

A Boot That Tells a Story

Chelsea boot from Blundstone x L.L Bean

The all-new Blundstone x L.L.Bean Chelsea Boot is truly a piece of art. Drawing from Blundstone’s iconic Original 500 Chelsea in the classic Stout Brown shade, and L.L.Bean’s signature buffalo plaid design on the gore paneling and the insole, this boot is a tribute to both brand’s heritage. Every detail has been carefully selected to evoke the rugged and free-spirited histories of these two legends in the industry.

Moreover, its features make it a practical choice for any adventure seeker. With water-resistant leather, convenient dual pull tabs, and an embossed L.L.Bean logo on the leather upper of the heel, it’s a boot that promises to be as functional as it is stylish.

When Can You Get Them?

For those eagerly waiting to get their hands on these, the wait is over! The Blundstone x L.L.Bean Chelsea Boot is available for purchase starting August 29, 2023, on both and, retailing at a price of $219.95. If you’re a subscriber to L.L.Bean’s iconic print catalog, you can also grab this limited edition there, but be quick as they’re available only while supplies last!

When two brands with such deep-rooted histories and a passion for craftsmanship come together, the outcome is bound to be exceptional. The Blundstone and L.L.Bean collaboration promises to be just that—a celebration of style, history, and unparalleled quality.