In a stunning display of collaboration between the worlds of cinema and precision watchmaking, Bremont has unveiled its Argylle Three-Piece Limited Edition Watch Collection. This exclusive range is the result of a partnership with filmmaker Matthew Vaughn for his new film ‘Argylle,’ set to hit theatres on 2nd February. This collection not only marks a significant moment for fans of high-end timepieces but also represents an intriguing crossover for movie enthusiasts.

Argylle: The Film and Its Influence

The movie ‘Argylle,’ from Apple Original Films and MARV, in partnership with Universal Pictures, stars a roster of renowned actors including Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, and others. The plot revolves around Elly Conway, portrayed by Howard, an author caught in a web where her fictional spy stories start mirroring real-life espionage adventures. This thrilling narrative directly inspires the design and spirit of the Bremont Argylle watch collection.

Bremont and Vaughn: A History of Collaboration

This isn’t the first time Bremont and Matthew Vaughn have joined forces. Their previous partnership in 2014 for the Kingsman film saw Bremont creating exclusive timepieces, blending cinematic storytelling with exquisite watchmaking. Continuing this tradition, Vaughn once again turned to Bremont for the Argylle collection, with actors selecting watches that resonate with their characters, thereby deepening the connection between the film’s narrative and the timepieces.

The Argylle Limited Edition Watch Collection: A Closer Look

The Bremont x Argylle Limited Edition Watch Collection consists of three distinct timepieces, each embodying the essence of the film’s main characters – Argylle, Aidan, and Elly. The design elements incorporate the iconic Argylle diamond pattern, a nod to the movie’s espionage theme.

  • The Argylle: A sophisticated steel dress watch based on the Bremont Solo 43, featuring a polished stainless steel case, DLC treated barrel, and a black Argylle patterned dial with gold plated indexes.
  • The Argylle Jet: Inspired by the Bremont U-2, this model reflects the stealthy nature of the film’s characters. It features DLC treated stainless steel, a jet-black barrel, blue luminous hands, and a yellow-tipped second hand mirroring the film’s color palette.
  • The Elly: A vibrant rendition of the Solo 34, with a polished stainless-steel case, DLC treated barrel, and a leather strap in Argylle yellow. The dial showcases blue luminous hands against a white Argylle patterned background.

The Essence of Argylle in Watchmaking

Each of the three designs encapsulates the suspense, sophistication, and glamour of the film ‘Argylle.’ They represent a harmonious blend of storytelling and horological craftsmanship, making them highly coveted items for collectors and film fans alike.

Comments from the Collaborators

Matthew Vaughn expresses his delight in partnering with Bremont again, emphasizing the shared commitment to excellence in this limited-edition collection. Nick English, co-founder of Bremont, echoes these sentiments, highlighting the journey of crafting these unique timepieces that blend engineering precision with the captivating narrative of the film.

Availability and Conclusion

The Argylle collection will be available from February 2024 in Bremont boutiques, on, and through selected retailers. This launch is not just a celebration of a new film but a testament to the seamless integration of cinematic art and watchmaking excellence. For those who appreciate the intricacies of a well-crafted timepiece and the thrill of a spy narrative, the Bremont Argylle Collection is a perfect confluence of both worlds.