Bremont, known for its exquisite timepieces, has once again captured the spirit of the ocean with the release of the Waterman Apex II. Created in collaboration with the legendary waterman Laird Hamilton, this limited edition watch is a nod to those who embrace the power and beauty of the waves.

A Timepiece Crafted by the Sea

The Collaboration with Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton, an icon in the world of water sports, has lent his expertise and vision to Bremont to create the Waterman Apex II. As a brand ambassador, Hamilton, known for his prowess in conquering the mightiest of waves, has been an integral part of the design process. His life, deeply rooted in ocean culture, and his continuous push beyond the known limits of water sports, reflect in every aspect of this timepiece.

Limited Edition Mastery

The Waterman Apex II is not just a watch but a statement of endurance and capability, much like Hamilton himself. Limited to a mere 350 pieces, it forms a significant part of Bremont’s Supermarine Collection. Its design is a triumph, with a 500m water resistance feature, an automatic helium escape valve, and a crown protector, making it an indispensable tool for any diver or water sports enthusiast.

Design & Durability: The Core of Waterman Apex II

Close-up of Bremont Waterman watch

Technical Innovations

Under the guidance of Bremont’s CEO Davide Cerrato, the Waterman Apex II has been infused with a set of new design codes aimed at enhancing technical features and legibility. “The Supermarine is a Bremont diver through and through,” says Cerrato, highlighting the brand’s commitment to creating a watch that supports the most inspiring and daring individuals.

Aesthetic Brilliance

The watch’s 43mm steel Trip-Tick® case is robust, housing a scratch-resistant black ceramic unidirectional bezel. Its matte black dial, adorned with a unique shark fin motif, symbolizes the connection between Hamilton and the sea. The Harbour Blue dial flange and matching integrated rubber strap or optional stainless-steel bracelet offer versatility and style for any occasion.

Laird Hamilton’s Homage to the Ocean

The Philosophy of a Waterman

Hamilton sees the ocean as a grand master and teacher, a force that demands respect and provides life. His collaboration with Bremont on the Waterman Apex II is more than a partnership; it’s a shared mission to inspire reverence for the natural world. “The ocean is a place of equality,” Hamilton reflects, emphasizing the profound impact the sea has had on his life.

The Significance of the Shark Motif

In Hawaiian culture, sharks hold a spiritual significance, embodying the spirits of ancestors. This belief is subtly woven into the Waterman Apex II’s dial design, adding a layer of personal meaning for Hamilton. “The special nature of the Waterman watch is that it can be worn daily but also has the capability of accompanying me on the greatest of adventures,” says Hamilton.