Bremont, the iconic British luxury watchmaker, has come together yet again with the outstanding Williams Racing team to celebrate the third season of their partnership. In this endeavor, they’ve crafted the ultimate embodiment of motorsport-inspired aesthetics – the WR-45 limited edition chronograph. This announcement comes ahead of the much-anticipated 77th Formula 1 Aramco British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the historic heart of British racing.

British heritage and a relentless pursuit of precision engineering are the foundations upon which both Bremont and Williams Racing were built. The collaboration between these two forces has elevated Bremont’s Motorsport Collection to an unprecedented level. As Bremont’s CEO, Davide Cerrato, notes, “The technological crossover between Formula 1 and precision watchmaking is substantial… it’s wonderful to see so much energy and interest in the sport today, and we’re delighted to be part of its rich history.”

A tribute to the Williams Racing legacy, the WR-45 is limited to a mere 244 pieces, echoing the number of times Williams has graced the podium. This exclusive timepiece draws inspiration from the Williams Racing chassis of the current season, the FW-45. It embodies the spirit of high performance and extreme durability that characterizes the Williams Racing team, represented by drivers Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant.

Crown dial for Bremont WR-45 x Williams Racing watch

This 43mm timepiece introduces a fresh case design to the Williams Racing range whilst retaining its tachymeter function – an indispensable feature for timekeeping enthusiasts. What makes the WR-45 truly stand out is its unique 3-piece Trip-Tick® case construction that’s been treated with DLC for a robust black finish. The monochromatic theme extends to the dial, adorned with crisp white indexes and sub-dials with a touch of electric blue, reflecting the Williams Racing color palette.

The back of the watch offers a glimpse into the watch’s inner workings through an exhibition case. This reveals the custom, Williams Racing-inspired rotor adorned with the team’s logo. The WR-45 not only excels in aesthetics but also in performance, boasting a commendable 56-hour power reserve. The watch is paired with a black Alcantara strap, a material reminiscent of old steering wheels, adding to its race-inspired charm.

Back of the Bremont WR-45 watch

As a tribute to British racing history, each WR-45 comes with a certified original wheel nut from historic Williams Racing cars – a unique keepsake for every owner.

Bremont Co-Founder Nick English expresses his excitement for the WR-45’s launch in partnership with Williams Racing, particularly as they gear up for the home F1 race at Silverstone. He shares, “The WR-45 is a perfect representation of the elite engineering that both Bremont and Williams Racing’s foundations are built upon.”

James Vowles, Williams Team Principal, adds, “The synergies between motor racing and high-end watchmaking are clear… Both firms are experts in precision engineering, and bringing these two worlds together in this way is a really lovely celebration of British manufacturing at its best.”

In a seamless blend of British heritage, superior craftsmanship, and the thrill of racing, the WR-45 chronograph is more than just a watch. It’s a testament to the power of partnership, the spirit of motorsport, and a celebration of British excellence.