In a world striving towards sustainability, the demand for eco-friendly products is ever-growing. Leading the way in the footwear industry is the independent footwear brand, CLAE. Renowned for being pioneers in the minimalist sneaker movement since 2001, CLAE has once again showcased their commitment to innovative, eco-conscious design with their newly launched Appleskin Sneaker Capsule Collection.

Just in time for the fall harvest, this unisex collection represents a fusion of fashion and sustainability, highlighting how waste materials can be repurposed into stylish, high-quality products.

Appleskin: An Eco-friendly Revolution

One of the key highlights of this collection is its unique use of a bio-based material – Appleskin. This sustainable fabric, derived from apple waste sourced from Italy’s juice industry, is not just eco-friendly but also retains the hallmark characteristics of traditional leather. But here’s the catch – it achieves this with a significantly reduced environmental footprint. A true win-win for eco-conscious sneaker enthusiasts.

Incorporating Appleskin into their sneakers, CLAE seamlessly marries luxury with sustainability. Each shoe in the collection features not just this innovative fabric, but also other eco-friendly components such as GRS-certified recycled mesh, laces, foam insoles, and a GOTS-certified organic cotton lining.

Inspired by Nature’s Delight

The design hues of the Appleskin Sneaker Capsule Collection pay homage to nature. The unique off-white colorway mimics the flesh of an apple, providing a fresh and organic feel to the shoe. This is beautifully contrasted by a triple black colorway inspired by the rare and intriguing black apple. And for those familiar with CLAE’s classic designs, the much-loved Ellington style is also available in this rich, triple black shade.

Off-white CLAE's apple capsule
Triple black CLAE's apple capsule
Triple black

Where to Get Your Pair

For those eager to step into a pair of these sustainable yet chic sneakers, the CLAE’s Appleskin Sneaker Capsule Collection is now available for purchase. With prices ranging from $140-$180, they are an affordable luxury for those keen to make a fashion statement while supporting eco-friendly initiatives. Sneaker aficionados can find them at CLAE’s official website,, or at select boutiques around the globe.