Vintage College Men’s Basketball Apparel at College Vault

Today’s post is sponsored by the fine folks at Collegiate Licensing Company, who sent over a bunch of their men’s college basketball tees found over on College Vault. Their site is your one stop shop for unique vintage college apparel to represent your team with.

I decided to take a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) through Malibu and snap a few photos from the collection I received. See what teams they sent over below:

UCONN Huskies:

The UCONN Huskies men’s basketball tee is printed by Tailgate Clothing and made from an uber comfortable blend of 50% polyester, 37% cotton, and 13% rayon.

Connecticut Huskies Men's Basketball Shirt

UCONN Men's Basketball Shirt

Connecticut Huskies Men’s Basketball Shirt

Cincinnati Bearcats:

The Cincinnati Bearcats men’s basketball tee is printed by Forty Seven Brand, made from 100% cotton. Loving the color and feel of this one.

Cincinnati Bearcats Shirt

Cincinnati Bearcats Shirt

Arizona Wildcats:

The Arizona Wildcats baseball tee comes from Retro Brand and made from 100% cotton. I’m a sucker for baseball tee style shirts, navy blue, and grey, so naturally this was my favorite of the collection.

Arizona Wildcats Men's Basketball Shirt

Arizona Wildcats Men’s Basketball Shirt

Louisville Cardinals:

The Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball shirt is printed by Retro Brand and made out of 50% polyester, 38% cotton, and 12% rayon.

Louisville Cardinals Basketball Shirt

Louisville Cardinals Men’s Basketball Shirt

UCLA Bruins:

The UCLA Bruins men’s basketball shirt, shown next to the Cincinnati Bearcats tee, is printed by Tailgate Clothing and made from 100% cotton.

UCLA and Cincinnati Bearcats Men's Basketball Shirts

UCLA and Cincinnati Bearcats Men’s Basketball Shirts

If you’re looking for apparel to represent your college team and look fashionable, head on over to College Vault. All apparel is officially approved and authenticated by colleges, universities, football bowl games, the NCAA, and other collegiate institutions. College Vault contains the images and logos taken from collegiate archives, which were later turned into vintage-inspired clothing and accessories.


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