Danner x Huckberry – Vertigo 917 ‘Gold Rush’

Portland’s legendary bootmaker Danner has teamed up to create a boot sold exclusively on Huckberry. The Danner x Huckberry – Vertigo 917 ‘Gold Rush’ was inspired by the frontiersmen that settled in San Francisco during the gold rush many years ago. Eager to strike gold and the riches that came with it, these tradesmen and outdoorsmen had to trek through some of the West’s toughest terrain. Huckberry chose to go with a solid Danner foundation when creating the ‘Gold Rush’, Danner’s Vertigo 917 model. This versatile boot touts a sneaker-like comfort, with the rugged, off-road detailing required for a long day out-and-about. This unique collaboration has cast Danner’s Veritgo 917 in a coveted Gold Ore colorway and crafted in small runs available exclusively at Huckberry.

Danner x Huckberry Vertigo 917 Gold Rush boot

Danner x Huckberry detailing

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