DRVR Enters the Headwear Market With a Bang

Introducing the most innovative headwear that will revolutionize the market, DRVR takes the golfing world by storm with the official launch of its brand. The debut showcases two unique series of hats: the “Pro-Tech” series and the “Street Series.” Developed with the modern golfer in mind, the collections reflect an outstanding blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

After an intense 18-month journey of development, testing, and market research, DRVR’s Founder, Jade Howe, shares that the idea for DRVR came as a vivid, clear vision. Inspired by the intersection of sport, fashion, and tech, the DRVR headwear combines innovative elements that set it apart from other headwear in the market. The feedback has been tremendous, with industry leaders, retailers, and most importantly, golfers, applauding DRVR’s commitment to detail and their obsession with fit, function, and style.

“Pro-Tech Collection”: Where Advanced Technology Meets Ultimate Comfort

DRVR Pro Tech Series
‘Pin Seeker’ from DRVR’s Pro Tech Series

Unveiling the epitome of technological innovation, DRVR introduces the “Pro-Tech Collection.” Available in five unique comfort styles, these hats utilize advanced technical stretch fabrics and smart details to offer unparalleled comfort. Each hat in this collection features a slightly curved visor, a snapback fit or “DRVRFLEX,” and a back panel signature tee pocket. In addition, they come equipped with a built-in magnetic ball marker, UV fiber coating, and antimicrobial stretch fabrics – designed to keep you shielded from the elements, allowing you to focus on enhancing your performance and enjoying the game. The Pro-Tech Collection is available for purchase at $58.

“Street Series Collection”: When Golf Meets Street Fashion

DRVR Street Series
‘Neon Lights’ from DRVR’s Street Series

Drawing inspiration from the trends of pro athletes, sneakerheads, and sports fashion, DRVR’s “Street Series Collection” seamlessly blends style and functionality. These hats, designed with a traditional baseball fit, meld street fashion with golf-oriented details, creating a versatile look that takes you from the course to the streets without missing a beat. With their use of stretch sweatbands, stretch fabrics, and adjustable snapback closure, the Street Series hats promise an unparalleled level of comfort and adjustability. This collection retails at $54.

The DRVR Guarantee: A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Beyond offering stylish and functional headwear, DRVR strives to add value to their products through a unique “DRVR Guarantee.” Reflecting the brand’s confidence in its products and commitment to customer satisfaction, this guarantee ensures that if your DRVR hat gets crushed or loses its shape, the company will clean and reshape it for free. If restoration isn’t possible, they will replace the hat at no cost to the customer and recycle the old one responsibly, thus reducing fast-fashion waste.

As part of their sustainability initiative, DRVR aims to extend the life of their hats and reduce their environmental impact. This commitment reflects DRVR’s dedication not just to golfers and their needs but to the global community and the environment as a whole.

The DRVR debut collection is now available exclusively on their website, drvrgolf.com, setting the tone for the future of sports fashion. By combining practicality with aesthetic appeal, DRVR is undoubtedly steering the future of headwear in golf and beyond.