Elliot Brown Watches

Alex Brown and Ian Elliot spent 20 years engineering watches to withstand harsh conditions like sand, salt water, snow, ice, mud and extreme pressure. About 3 years ago they had a conversation that lit a spark, “just imagine what we could achieve if we put our heads together and stretched ourselves?” They couldn’t put the idea down.

The watches they make are like nothing else – they’ve obsessed over the intricate details to make highly functional watches that are very desirable too. They meld perfectly onto any size wrist and every single one is put through a punishing series of tests including wet pressure testing to 200m.

To protect the movement from shocks they’ve built a unique movement housing that floats inside every case using specially formed elastomers.  Then they devised a triple sealing system for the crowns and pushers that just work – all the time in any position. They chose hardened mineral crystal because it’s tougher than sapphire for this application.  They even drop ball bearings onto it to check its tough enough!

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