I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to write this post. On one hand, ties can be uncomfortable to wear; on the other, they’re a great accessory to spice up a potentially bland outfit. Take DAZI Floral Skinny Ties for example. When I was first introduced to them I was hesitant to find a reason to wear them. Not because I think their designs and quality are poor because that’s far from the truth, but because I’m one of those people who hates wearing ties unless it’s absolutely necessary.

During a dinner event this past week with Princess Cruises, I decided to wear the Midnight Bloom tie. I quickly regretted not wearing it sooner, because I received compliment after compliment throughout the night.

Each DAZI tie is 58″ in length, 2.5″ wide at the tip, and is handmade using high quality (100% cotton) imported fabrics.

Midnight Bloom Dazi Skinny Tie

Years ago a friend of mine who works in the fashion industry told me that accessories are what defines a man’s outfit. I guess I should have listened to her closely and heeded any and all advice she had regarding ties, etc.

Along with their vast collection of neckties, DAZI also sells bow ties, pocket squares, and tie bars. And if you’re looking to supply your wedding party, they have a special section where you can fill out a form for discounted wedding orders.

See DAZI’s latest collection online today!