This new Franck Muller watch couldn’t have come at a better time. A lot of people are making a ton of money off of their early cryptocurrency investments and some are looking for more secure ways of protecting their assets. Whether it be through diversifying their gains into a Bitcoin IRA or taking their Bitcoin offline into a cold storage wallet. The latter is something I’ve personally been looking into more now that my crypto investments have grown at such a rapid pace and the new Franck Muller watch does just that.

The Encrypto “Free The Money. Free The World” watch from Franck Muller doubles as a cold storage wallet. Just 500 pieces are being offered via, for the equivalent of ($12,000 USD), payable only in six cryptocurrencies or Ether tokens.

Franck Muller cold storage wallet watch

The 41mm black DLC-coated brushed titanium watch comes with its own unique QR Code public address etched into the dial as well as a sealed USB containing the private key, allowing you to check your balance directly through the dial. Inside is an automatic Calibre FM 0800 movement with 42 hours power reserve while the watch takes its black and green color scheme from Bitcoin.

This isn’t the first Bitcoin watch from Franck Muller. Back in 2019, Muller produced the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch, dubbed the Vanguard Encrypto. As I said before, this new watch couldn’t have come at a better time. The Vanguard Encrypto was developed in partnership with Regal Assets.