GARB: Off to the Horse Races With Harvie & Hudson

While attending my first horse race this past weekend at The Belmont Stakes, I came to the realization I needed to up my wardrobe. There were far too many dapper looking people there not to feel a little underdressed. Harvie & Hudson have a vast line of clothes suitable for all sorts of dressy occasions — including a horse race. Above are a few of my choice picks from their store.

Blue Large Prince of Wales Check Double Cuff Shirt ($117). Red ‘2 in 1’ Braces ($88). Black Leather Stitched Edge Belt ($66). Natural Panama Hat with Black Ribbon ($166). Navy with Crimson Silk and Linen Waistcoat ($210). Silver Button with Blue thread T-Bar Cufflink ($39). Beige Cotton Chino Trouser ($166).

Check out my collection of Kentucky Derby Approved gear over on eBay.

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