Grant Stone’s Cap Toe Boot Forest Kudu

This new Kudu model from Grant Stone in deep forest green exudes personality with its unique and distinct kudu leather. This material is sourced from the African antelope and showcases natural scars and blemishes, resulting in a one-of-a-kind look that will evolve with wear. The contrast between the dark green upper and the natural split reverse welts and micro-stud sole adds a touch of sophistication. The wild antelope leather provides a soft feel and a heavier weight, making it an ideal choice for a boot. This Kudu model is the perfect embodiment of individuality and deviates from the cookie-cutter aesthetic.

Grant Stone's Cap Toe Boot Forest Kudu Close up of Grant Stone's Cap Toe Boot Forest Kudu

Grant Stone’s Cap Toe Boot Forest Kudu retails for $370 USD and is available online here.

Image credit: Grant Stone

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