To be honest, you don’t really need an excuse to buy a luxury watch and, chances are, you have already got your eye on one if you’re reading this. But, just for the sake of giving you that little extra push, let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons that you should be buying a luxury watch in 2013:


Whilst it may not be the most immediate reason for purchasing a luxury watch, there is no denying that they can be a great investment for the future. It goes without saying that some watches have a better investment value than others so it will pay to do a little research beforehand if you’re planning to buy a high-end timepiece for investment purposes. Some examples of luxury watches that will be great for holding their value are limited edition timepieces such as the TAG Heuer Carrera Space X and Limited Edition Bremont Norton watches below:

Tag Heurer and Bremont Norton

When buying a luxury watch for investment, you get a double-win because you get a stylish timepiece to wear which, providing that you look after it, will hold its value extremely well and can be sold on a later date should you so desire.


There really are few accessories that speak more about a man than his choice of timepiece so if you’re planning to purchase a luxury watch in 2013 then you should take a little time to think about the sort of style you possess and choose a timepiece to reflect this. For example, if you’re sporty, there are loads of great watches perfect for adrenaline seekers or if you’re after a more refined watch, it would be worth considering a more vintage timepiece. Let’s take a look at some examples of luxury watches to suit different styles:

For the Sports Enthusiast:

Tag Heurer Forumla 1 Chronograph

TAG Heuer is one of the finest watchmakers on the planet and boasts some of the greatest luxury sports watches out there such as the stunning TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph watch above.

Price – £1,500 ($2,000) Approx.

For the Vintage Lover:

Limited Edition IWC Vintage Watch

IWC are, without question one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers and they craft some truly spectacular watches such as the breath taking Limited Edition IWC Vintage Ingenieur pictured – which is the ideal choice for the man after the ultimate in vintage luxury watches in 2013. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone with this watch as well as it is a limited edition which makes it a prime candidate for investment purposes. It is the sort of understated and elegant watch that you could imagine on the likes of Don Draper and would be perfect for ramping up your style in 2013. Just some of the impressive features of this exceptional watch include:

• Limited to 500 Pieces
• 8011 Calibre Automatic Movement
• Pellaton Winding System
• Transparent Sapphire Crystal Case Back

The Limited Edition IWC Vintage Ingenieur really is one of the best out their when it comes to vintage watches.

For Aviation Enthusiasts:

 Breitling Navitimer

Aviation style luxury watches are set for another big year in 2013 and Breitling are synonymous with this style of timepiece. If you’re planning on making an aviation watch your must-have purchase in the next 12 months then you won’t go too far wrong with the incredibly stylish and painstakingly crafted Breitling Navitimer watch pictured above.  Whilst the Navitimer watch is by no means cheap (retailing for around £6,000 / $10,000) it is the sort of watch that lasts a lifetime and can be passed on from generation to generation. Breitling are one of the cornerstones of the luxury watch industry and it is because of timepieces like the Navitimer above that they have managed to accomplish such a well-regarded reputation.

All images have been used with permission of The Watch Gallery.