When you think about quality fashion, do you think Made in Italy? I do, and that’s why I’m excited to feature the Italian brand Canali on today’s post.

Canali Spring/Summer 2020 collection
Credit: Canali, from the Spring/Summer 2020 collection

Canali is a family owned business now in its third generation, creating quality suits, blazers, pants, shirts, and accessories since 1934. They have their own production centers located throughout Italy and more than 1,600 employees worldwide. You can shop at one of their 180 boutiques or find their Italian luxury products in over 1,000 retail stores in more than 100 countries across the globe. You can read all about Canali and their long history creating quality men’s suits and accessories by reading their our story section on their site. It’s definitely worth your time.

More than a Made in Italy Label

Made in Italy is much more than just a label to Canali; It represents their longstanding tradition of excellence and providing their customers with the highest level of quality. Every product is produced in a Canali-owned production center in Italy, by an Italian who designs, cuts and sews it. This ensures the perfection in every garment and accessory knowing it was made by a highly skilled craftsmen, further promoting their values of Made in Italy they’ve represented for more than 80 years.

Made to Measure with Canali

You can buy a suit off the shelf or one that was custom made for you. I promise you that the latter will always be the best choice. Canali provides the Su Misura service, allowing customers to create a suit that is 100% unique and made just for them. Whether you choose suits, blazers, pants, coats, dress shirts or knitwear, Canali’s Made-to-Measure Specialists will help you get the right style, fit and fabric that best works for you. You can choose from over 500 options that are renewed each season and many of which are made exclusively for Canali.

Made to Measure w/ Canali
Credit: Canali

The Made to Measure experience from Canali doesn’t just stop at your measurements. You will be able to select every detail from lapels, buttons, and pockets to collars, cuffs and linings. Your outfit will then be crafted in Italy by one of their highly skilled craftsmen and then delivered in about four weeks. You will know your design was made specially for you once you spot your name embroidered on the label.

A few of my favorites from Canali

The title does say head-to-toe luxury, right? I figured I would pick out a few of my favorite pieces currently available at Canali. Below you will find everything from full suits, knitwear, pants, and accessories, all available on Canali’s website.

Italian-luxury from Canali

Here are the Canali items shown above presented counter-clockwise starting from the top left:

I look forward to the day when my closet is filled with pieces from Canali. Until then, I’ll continue gaining luxury Italian inspiration from The Edition, their blog that features news from the world of Canali, all of their latest projects and more!