Hermès, the luxury brand known for its rich history in equestrian sports and leather craftsmanship, continues to make waves in the watchmaking world. This year at Watches & Wonders, Hermès unveiled several new color variations for their H08 line, as well as a captivating monopusher chronograph.

The H08, which debuted two years ago as Hermès’ “sporty-chic” timepiece, is now available in four vibrant color variants: blue, yellow, orange, and green. These colors are subtly integrated into the dial, while the rubber straps provide a bolder contrast. One distinctive feature of Hermès watches is the custom typeface used for the Arabic numerals. In the H08, these numerals are reminiscent of the iconic “H” logo that has graced the brand’s leather products for years.

What makes these new H08 models truly unique is their composite case material, created from a blend of carbon fiber and graphene powder. The result is a lightweight 39mm case with a one-of-a-kind textured appearance that feels smooth to the touch. Despite its seemingly hand-hammered look, Hermès has coated the case with aluminum and slate powder. Topped with a black ceramic bezel, the case is not only visually striking but also comfortable for daily wear.

But the pièce de résistance of the H08 line is the new monopusher chronograph, aptly named the H08 Chronograph. The design seamlessly incorporates the H08’s aesthetic with an emphasis on contrasting textures. The dial features alternating smooth and textured finishes, with the sub-registers at 9:00 and 3:00 marked by a rough graining that adds an industrial flair.

The Chronograph opts for a titanium bezel instead of ceramic, further enhancing its casual vibe. The case is made from the same carbon and graphene composite as the three-hand models, but measures 41mm in size. Despite its larger size, the lightweight material ensures that it remains comfortable on the wrist while making a bold visual statement with its bright orange accents.

The new carbon and graphene-cased three-hand models are expected to retail for around $7,500 when they become available later this fall. As for the H08 Chronograph, deliveries are set to begin in early 2024, with pricing details to be announced.

Hermès’ expansion of the H08 line showcases the brand’s ongoing commitment to creating sophisticated and innovative timepieces. The fusion of vibrant colors, cutting-edge materials, and iconic design elements sets the stage for a new era in luxury sports watches.