If you pay close attention the next time you watch golf, you might notice that, even with their country club attire on, the average golfer doesn’t wear a watch. There are perhaps multiple reasons why that may be, but for me only one really sticks out. The weight of a watch could affect a golfers swing and overall comfort when holding the club. Hook + Gaff is looking to change all of that.

The Hook + Gaff Watch Company‘s newest collection are golf sport watches that were built for the toughest conditions. Each are hand-assembled and specifically designed with a classic aesthetic fashion that looks great on and off the course.

“Hook + Gaff Golf watches are creating a new category of golf watches. We have meticulously selected features that will make the functionality and style of the watch timeless. A Hook + Gaff Golf watch is not the Rolex that you are fearful to wear on the course and is not the watch that you will need to replace in a couple of years because the features are outdated. It is the watch that doesn’t get in the way of your swing, the watch you can wear without worrying about damaging it, and is the watch you can confidently wear with its refined style.”

– Michael Sims, owner and founder of Hook + Gaff Watch Company

Hook + Gaff Golf Watch features:

  • Custom 41mm solid, high-grade titanium screw-down case
  • Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Hour markers and hands utilize Swiss SuperLuminovaTM
  • Water-resistant to 200m/660ft
  • Custom Swiss quartz movement
  • Left-side crown placement
  • Available in white and blue dial
  • Interchangeable strap options: Woven G10 straps in 12 styles, Italian Rubber Drive Strap in 10+ colors, and Hand-stitched leather

I’ve yet to get my hands on one of these watches, but hoping to soon. I’d love to test out its versatility while golfing and see just how well its sleek design performs. To learn more about the Hook + Gaff Golf collection, visit them online.