Every guy should have at least three quality suits in his wardrobe, while those who wear suits frequently may desire even more. Knowing how many suits you need, and acquiring a handful of well-fitting suits in advance, is very useful. Variety facilitates wardrobe planning for work, interviews, special events, and more. Here are certain suit colors you should always have in your closet. Also, how many business suits should a man own? After reading this fashion guide to casino wear, you should have a better insight.

How Many Suits Should a Man Own?

Your first tailored suit

Your first tailored suit should be a charcoal staple solid. This is because a charcoal suit is more compatible with a wider range of shirt colors, textures, and patterns than other colors.

In addition, charcoal conveys a sense of warmth, trust, and professionalism, making it an excellent choice for corporate settings. Pair the suit with a plain white shirt and a colorful or patterned tie for a professional business look. You might also prefer to include a white pocket square.

Charcoal suits have the capacity to transition from season to season. During the colder months, complement the suit with dark shirts and ties. In the spring, you could pair it with lighter, earth-toned shoes and add a modest pop of color with pastel shirts such as pink, lavender, or even mint green.

Your second suit should be a deep shade of blue, which is an essential color for your professional and casual wardrobe. A blue suit is ideal for business presentations, key meetings, and client pitches.

Navy suits are ideal for regular workplace attire and special occasions. A wardrobe necessity, the blue suit can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. For a more casual summer look, pairing it with light, breathable linen pants can add a refreshing twist to your ensemble.

Let’s discuss colors and fashion


Black suits are a reliable classic. They’re suitable for a variety of occasions, including job interviews, events, and funerals. A smart black suit is stylish and comfortable to wear.
Typically, white shirts are matched with a black suit, but if you want to be a little more creative, consider a cream or light-gray shirt instead. It’s essential to wear black shoes with a black suit, as other colors tend to clash rather than complement.


Patterned suits bring variation to an otherwise monotonous wardrobe by providing you with more alternatives. If you wear suits to work every day, having one or two patterned suits in your closet might help you liven things up. Choose something modest, such as a pattern in gray or navy, for greater versatility.

Patterned suits can be worn as a set, or as separates to complement solid pants or jackets. They’re often simple to dress down for informal situations, but when matched with the appropriate accessories, they can be dressed up for formal occasions.


The blue suit is an indispensable and adaptable wardrobe staple for any guy. Navy suits are ideal for regular workplace attire and special occasions. A wardrobe necessity, the blue suit can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

With a blue suit, a crew-neck T-shirt or sweater and loafers create a more relaxed style. A white or pale-blue button-down shirt with a patterned tie can help to boost the appearance of a navy suit.


Gray suits are commonly connected with business and are a wardrobe staple. When hues such as blue are deemed too casual, gray is the ideal alternative. Gray suits are formal enough for business meetings and job interviews, yet relaxed enough for an afternoon cocktail. If you’re someone who frequently wears suits, consider purchasing a gray suit to add versatility to your collection.

Gray suits pair well with a variety of shirt colors, such as white, light-blue, pink, and patterned alternatives. A gray suit can be spiced up with fancy shoes and accessories. Gray suits can be worn with black, brown, or burgundy shoes, but it’s recommended to stick to black if the suit is light gray.

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