Are there just days where you lack confidence in what you’re wearing? You may be surprised to know that it’s very common. While this does tend to be commonly known to happen to women on a regular basis, it can also happen to men, and other genders as well. There are just some clothes in our wardrobes that don’t exactly bring out the best in us or make us feel the best. It happens, and it’s normal.

Feeling confident is very important, it’s one of those things that helps with fighting self-doubt, improves mentality, plus it also allows us to feel as if we can take on any obstacle. While there are plenty of ways to boost your confidence in your appearance such as getting a hair transplant, it’s also important to know that clothes can and will play a huge factor in your confidence as well.

So how can clothes help with confidence?

As stated above, clothing can make a massive difference in how you’re feeling and how your confidence may be. Everyone has their own personal style whether it be dressed up nice in the fall or winter, their own personal aesthetics, and some try to express themselves in how they dress. Clothing can be a powerful tool, for some, clothing is an art (such as fashion). Something such as a nicely tailored suit may make some feel powerful and confident, while for others, even something as comfy as athleisure can do the same.

The beauty of confidence and the power of clothing is the fact that it’s not a one-size-fits-all, and it’s a firm reminder that everybody is their own person, with their own feelings and their own interests. Most people will dress accordingly to how they feel, this can even include their mood. Chances are you may have noticed that if you’re in a bad mood (whether mad or sad), you’re going to wear something unflattering, something that’s easy to put on.

If you’re in a good mood, just as happy you may catch yourself wearing something a little out there, something more complex. Confidence doesn’t come in the same package for everyone. With that said, there are still some times that could help boost your confidence in ways that you have always desired.

Choose your favorite colors

While there is the rule that you should only wear colors that flatter you, why stop there? What if those are colors you dislike? Do you feel less confident? If you have a favorite color or colors, just wear those. If you love pastel colors, then why bother wearing dark colors in the name of fashion? If you love wacky designs, then why only wear solids? If you’re someone who loves cotton fabrics, then why force yourself to wear satin? Just think about it, if you dislike wearing something, then why wear it. Are you truly going to look good if you don’t feel good wearing something?

Dress for your body type

While there is this idea that body types are only something that women face, it’s something that all genders deal with. Each and everybody is different, that’s the beauty of being human. There are some body types that will look better in certain clothes. So it helps to figure out what your body type may be and go from there.