Have you ever wanted to own a Rolex before? How about a vintage Rolex? You might be able to win one when you shop this holiday season at Huckberry.

For this year’s ‘Grail Gifts‘ giveaway, Huckberry is giving away 1967 Rolex GMT 1675 Mark 1.5 Dial with the highly sought-after “Pepsi Dial”. This beautiful timepiece is valued at $14,000 USD and could be yours by you simply spending $50 or more on Huckberry before December 6th, which is when they announce the winner. That’s not all you can win, though. The next ‘Grail Gifts’ giveaway is slated for a reveal on December 8th, so stay tuned for more.

If you have never owned or even tried on a Rolex before consider yourself lucky. My first big purchase in my watch collection was a 2017 Rolex Submariner two-tone. It has completely spoiled me and how I look at watch buying. Owning a vintage “Pepsi Dial” like the GMT 1675 would be a dream come true, so I am excited to see who the lucky winner is.