A high-quality gift for a high-quality graduate.

Whether your loved one is graduating from high school, college, or other higher education, they deserve an unforgettable gift to mark this accomplishment.

There’s nothing quite like fine jewelry to make a lasting memory—and give your loved one that on-top-of-the-world feeling they deserve.

We’ve gathered all our favorite jewelry graduation gift ideas, so you know exactly what’s trending this graduation season. Take the stress out of online shopping and browse these top contenders for the most meaningful jewelry graduation gifts of 2024.

Jewelry Graduation Gifts for Her

If the woman in your life is a 2024 graduate, nothing shows your affection and admiration quite like jewelry. These jewelry graduation gift ideas are sure to spark your imagination and help you pick out something that makes a statement (and a memory).

A Sapphire Ring

Sapphire rings are rising in popularity—alongside other bright and colorful gemstone options (like ruby and emerald rings). Young graduates prefer jewelry that’s well-made and stands out from the crowd, making sapphire an effortless choice.

We recommend choosing a sapphire ring that’s conflict-free, environmentally friendly, and extremely high-quality (AAAA or higher). Young adults care about where their jewelry comes from—and ultimately want to know their gifts are making a positive impact on the world around them.

A Charm Bracelet

Dreaming of a post-study vacation? Maybe you already booked the tickets.

To celebrate the places you’ll go, a charm bracelet is a meaningful jewelry gift that doubles as a wearable diary. We recommend gifting her a charm bracelet with a few charms already attached—perhaps representing her education and her major.

But leave room for future milestones, too. A beach vacation, career accomplishments, and a honeymoon could be in your future.

An Engagement Ring

She’s checked off the education milestone—and together, you’re looking to the future. A future you can’t imagine without her. Maybe it’s time to pop the question and enter your graduated-and-engaged era.

Engagements after graduation are extremely common—but you have to pull them off right. This means a thoughtful proposal with the engagement ring of her dreams. Preferably, somewhere private where you can celebrate the graduation milestone (and your future) in each other’s arms.

Some of the most popular engagement rings for 2024 include bezel-set gems, yellow gold, minimalist styles, colorful gemstones, and mining alternatives (often lab-grown diamonds or gems).

A Set of Diamond Earrings

If she’s headed straight for the workforce, her wardrobe likely needs freshening up. There’s nothing more intimidating than entering your dream job as the “new kid on the block” and the youngest in your office. Showing up in diamond studs should ease some of her early-career butterflies.

They also mark an exciting new season in her life—where fine jewelry, trips to the nail salon, and luxurious dates become more commonplace. It’s time she looks the part.

Jewelry Graduation Gifts for Him

Not sure what gift to ask for to celebrate your graduation? Men’s jewelry is stylish and luxurious—the perfect combination to make a winning impression at your dream job or the next stage of education.

Team Spirit Gemstones

There’s no better way to memorialize his dedication to the school football team than a star-studded piece of fine jewelry. Even the Super Bowl is known for exquisite rings gifted to the winning team.

Carry your team spirit with you for a lifetime—with team-colored gemstones set in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. This meaningful gift will rekindle old college memories for a lifetime.

A Designer Watch

Everyone has a smartphone, so why get a watch? For one, watches are considered vintage fashion and high-society luxury pieces. Starting your watch collection will not only elevate your style in the workplace but also impress your older coworkers (who still swear by their designer watch bands).

Fine jewelry watches are extremely customizable these days. You can add your team colors to this piece, too—or memorialize special moments, like your wedding day, children’s birthdays, and favorite vacations.

Popular Men’s Rings

Get ahead of the curve by asking for a men’s ring as your jewelry graduation gift. Men’s fashion magazines and trend watchers predict that men’s rings will become more and more commonplace—and even a status symbol.

Recently, we’ve seen men opt for bespoke rings instead of the classic gold band for their wedding. They want styles and designs that reflect their unique personalities—and give them an heirloom to pass down to grandchildren and loved ones.

With a collection of men’s rings, you’ll have multiple styles and colors to choose from on any given day—making a perfect addition to carefully planned outfits, while heightening your status at the office.

Smart Jewelry

Jewelry is no longer just a pretty thing to look at. Today, jewelry can track our sleep, fitness goals, blood pressure, and so much more.

Enter smart jewelry. It’s the new and fashionable way to keep track of your health—and it’s an exciting graduation gift for men.

Whatever smart jewelry you choose, we recommend a fine jewelry ring, necklace, or bracelet to go along with it. Smart jewelry is awesome, but the designs and style options still have a long way to go. Liven up the look with high-quality rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires from a reputable online jeweler.

This Moment Lives On — With Jewelry Graduation Gifts

It’s easy to look ahead at all the things you have yet to accomplish.

The goals you’ve set for yourself, career milestones you want to reach, and personal achievements still ahead.

But what’s even more important than looking ahead is looking behind.

It’s much easier to forget where you’ve come from than to forget where you’re going.

That’s what makes jewelry graduation gifts so special. Not only do they celebrate a big moment, but they give the wearer something to remember and look back on.

Let fine jewelry be your graduate’s reason to see and appreciate just how far they’ve come.