There are a lot of factors that go into a wedding; many of which you don’t realize until you actually start planning. Who knew the seating chart for dinner could be one of the most intense games of musical chairs you ever played? I for one didn’t until I started planning my wedding with Sarah this past year.

One of the items on my wedding to-do list that haunted me for weeks was what my groomsmen and I would be wearing when I said: “I do!” Sarah and I decided we would have a destination wedding since the majority of our guests were outside of Los Angeles, and we wanted everyone to feel like they were on vacation. Naturally, we decided on a destination wedding in Mexico. More specifically, at the beautiful Excellence Riviera Cancun.

Excellence Riviera Cancun Beach
Loved lounging on the beach at Excellence Riviera Cancun

The all-inclusive resort offered multiple locations to have the wedding ceremony, but going into it we knew right away that we wanted it to be on the beach. The question was what would I wear?

Linens are the perfect beach wedding attire

Outside of its few rainy months, Mexico is known for its beautiful, warm weather. When you’re there you are almost always in your bathing suit. This, of course, is not the case during a wedding. My goal was to find a wardrobe that would breathe easily and keep my groomsmen as comfortable as possible. Linen was the answer.

I was relieved to find Island Importer after a quick Google search for linen wedding attire. The owner, Sangeet, was beyond easy to work with and a tremendous help when it came to finding the outfit I would wear at my wedding.

Here’s a look at what we decided on for the entire party.

Island Importer Groomsmen Linen Wardrobe

Groomsmen jumping in the air
If you didn’t do a jump shot with your groomsmen, was it really all worth it?

Our outfit (3 pieces) was simple and required no shoes. For the shirt, I chose the Linen Monaco Shirt, a French-cuffed, button down that was insanely comfortable. As for the pants, the only way I can describe the Linen Amalfi Pants is “freedom.” You saw my groomsmen jumping photo above, so I think I’ve made my point. Finishing it all off was the Linen Suit Vest, the perfect compliment to the pants with matching color and a sleek satin lined back.

Huge thanks to Island Importer for helping make me and my groomsmen look great while feeling even better. I’m looking forward to packing my pants and shirt for my next trip to Mexico.

To see more photos from my wedding day, take a look at Sarah’s blog post on