I originally wanted to feature the Longwing Crimson Chromexcel shoe from Grant Stone in a Father’s Day round-up but then quickly realized that this footwear deserves a broader audience.

These shoes aren’t just for dads or those looking to dress up. Its non-contrast antique welt, combined with its outsole stain allows for this Longwing to be easily dressed up or dressed down. The upper uses Chromexcel, a very versatile leather often found in boat shoes, which helps with aging thanks to the fat liqueurs and oils infused into the leather during the tanning process. Additionally, Chromexcel is often touted as “refined ruggedness” and will help the leather develop character over time.

I won’t shy away from paying upwards of $500+ for shoes this good. When you buy quality like that of Grant Stone, you know these shoes, with proper care, will last decades. I highly recommend checking out Grant Stone’s entire Derbys & Oxford collection.