McDonald’s, known for its mouthwatering burgers, has a knack for teaming up with trendy fashion brands. Not too long ago, it joined forces with the chic Japanese brand graniph for some must-have merchandise. Now, it’s adding another feather to its cap with an upcoming collaboration with Crocs. This partnership will see a fresh take on Crocs’ popular designs, intertwined with McDonald’s iconic characters.

The collection boasts a variety of hues, but the showstopper is the Classic Clog, donning McDonald’s signature colors of red, yellow, and white. These clogs also come adorned with McDonald’s unique Jibbitz, like the familiar fries box with the emblematic “M”. One of the designs, named “Birdie”, sports a sunny yellow shade, while another, in contrasting black and white, pays homage to the mischievous Hamburglar. The collection is rounded out with a plush Cozzzy Slide bathed in a royal purple, a tribute to the ever-lovable Grimace. And for those who like a personal touch, mascot-themed Jibbitz charms can be bought separately to jazz up your McDonald’s x Crocs shoes.

The Hamburglar - Crocs x McDonald's collaboration

Crocs x McDonald's collaboration

Grimace Crocs

For anyone looking to snag a pair, the McDonald’s x Crocs range is set to drop on November 2, 2023. Shoe enthusiasts can expect to shell out between $70 and $75 USD. They’ll be available at specific outlets and online on the Crocs website.