It’s hard to accept that the warm weather of summer will soon be behind us. But with that, us guys have to start thinking about clothing to keep us warm, and I’m not just talking about sweaters and jackets.

McMacular has created handcrafted, silk lined pants that will not only keep you warm, but have you looking as good as you feel. I recently got my hands on a pair of McMacular 2.0: Dapper Gentleman Edition pants, and let me tell you; I’m stoked for the cold weather. Bring it on!

The MacMacular 2.0 pants are sleek and smooth, and easy to dress up or down. A nice added feature is the ability to cuff the bottoms, exposing their signature cuff shown below:

McMacular Silk Lined Pants

This limited edition silk lined pant comes in three colors: black, sand and charcoal, with only 500 being made. Each pair of denim is manufactured in San Francisco and features a branded leather label that will have the serial number imprinted to ensure authenticity.

I recommend heading over to McMacular’s online shop to pre-order your pair of pants before they run out. Currently the pre-sale price is $168 USD, followed by its regular price of $237 USD. Act fast!