Fashion is always growing and evolving. This is why the overall look of men’s fashion in 2023 vastly differs from the previous year. And if you’re looking to keep up with your style, you might want to start reading up on these trends.

Staying ahead of the curve is a great way to start building a wardrobe that’s always in style. So today, we’re looking at some of the top Men’s Shoes and fashion trends that deserve your attention in 2023.

Now, just because these are the trends doesn’t mean you have to base your wardrobe around them. After all, trends will always fade and return with time. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your style this year, here are some trends you should consider.
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Where Is Men’s Fashion Going in 2023?

Men’s fashion is reaching a whole new level in 2023. Nowadays, endless styles and aesthetics can inspire the way you dress. There are gender-neutral fashion movements, bold and bright movements, and even minimalist aesthetics that blur the line between fashion and function. So, let’s take a look at where men’s fashion is heading this year!

Timeless Classics

There are some men’s fashion trends that will never go away. Regardless of what’s in and trending, there will always be classics you can wear any time and any year. For example, check out this vast collection of shirts from Fresh Clean Threads.

While they don’t have flashy designs and fancy patterns, they are exactly what you need when dressing up – simple and comfortable clothing. Even the most fashionable individuals have days when they decide to keep things simple and to do that, you need to make sure your closet is full of classic clothing items that will never go out of style.

A New Twist on Old Styles

Old styles will inspire this year’s men’s fashion. And one of the best examples of this is J.Crew’s return with their giant chino. This is a crystal clear homage to 90s fashion which is experiencing the comeback it deserves. While it might be a bit weird for 90s babies to see the clothes they wore in their youth making a comeback, not everything is the same if you look closely.

While the clothes that are inspiring men’s fashion right plant their roots in old styles, they all come with a modern twist. Some aspects of old styles are best left in the past, and that’s the honest truth, but that doesn’t mean old styles can’t return to relevance.

So, this year, expect many people to hunt for old clothes in thrift stores to put a modern twist on older fashion trends. And if you’re looking to explore new fashion possibilities, you might want to find some old clothes and repurpose them with modern outfits.

The Return of Western Wear

We were very serious when we said that old styles are making a comeback. For example, you will see a lot of western wear in 2023. Yes, we mean the styles of cowboys back in the day with their beautiful jackets, large boots, and rugged aesthetic.

And in this new era of men’s fashion, western wear has a fairly different feel. Of course, a lot of the outfits hitting the racks and runways right now have that classic masculine look. However, there are also many designers and brands taking a more feminine approach with western wear, which is perfect for the modern fashion landscape.

The best part of this new western wear trend is that you can really explore your preferences and tastes while following the motif. This might not be the direction everyone wants to take with their fashion, but it’s a fun leap to make nonetheless.

Retro Prints & Designs

Another trend making a definite comeback this year is retro styles. Think bright colors like those on 80s windbreakers type of retro. And we’re all for this trend.

It’s about time we moved on to brighter colors and patterns on men’s clothing again. So, expect to see quite a few printed polo shirts, brightly colored jackets, and other loud clothing in men’s fashion. And if you find the perfect bright shade for you, rest assured that you’ll look as stylish as ever!

Relaxed Fits

To be honest, this is a trend we have seen coming for years. For the past decade, tight and skinny clothes have dominated the scene. However, fits have become more relaxed in recent years as fashion moves away from skinny jeans and tight tops.

So, one of the things you can expect this year is to see a lot of relaxed fits, which goes for just about every type of fashion. Whether you’re dressing for a casual event or a formal gathering, there’s a chance you’ll see more people in relaxed and looser clothing.

In 2023, there will be more room to move in men’s clothes. That’s why you might want to start shopping in the relaxed section when building your outfit for 2023.

Hybrid Shoes

There’s always been a definite line between formal and casual footwear. However, this year, expect to see that line blurred like never before. We’re seeing a huge rise in hybrid shoes that work with both casual and formal outfits nowadays, combining the look and aesthetic of boots or dress shoes with the comfort of your favorite pair of sneakers.

In the past, our boots and sneakers were always separate. But with crossover shoes, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style and vice versa. Of course, the jury’s still out on whether or not this trend will stick. But if you’re looking to fuse comfort and style in 2023, crossover shoes could be for you.


Fashion is very subjective, and everyone has their own take on the style. This is why exploring your aesthetic through clothing is incredibly fun. However, things can get quite complicated if you want to stay ahead of the curve.
You can never predict what’s going to be in or not. However, there are some definite trends in the fashion scene right now that you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this year.