There’s just something about pleated pants that takes a casual outfit to the next level and I think I found the perfect pair.

Fields Outfitting Triple Pleated Pants

The Triple-Pleated Pants from Fields Outfitting is made in small batches in Buenos Aires, Argentina from a mix of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. They feature sleek triple pleating on the front with vibrant patterns along the trim, cuffs, and pockets. Available in four different colors: navy, red, green, and khaki.

Pattern close-up on pleated pant

The fit reminds me of a comfortable chino pant I had many years ago from a brand I’ve forgotten. Fields Outfitting seems to have mastered form and function because these pants work just as well for a night out on the town as they do a day in the yard.

Head over to Fields Outfitting to shop their entire collection.