Mighty Humble Launches New Mighty Mouse T-shirt

Mighty Humble - Mighty Mouse T-shirt

What better way to follow up Might Humble’s Neuro Disney t-shirt than with a Might Mouse shirt? Designed by Phil Smith (aka Biff), a new designer in MH’s arsenal of amazingly talented artists.

Mighty Mouse Neck Label

The design not only shows off Biff’s awesome drawing style, it also includes a customized neck-sizing label. When talking about the inspiration behind his Mighty Mouse Design, Smith said:

“I wanted to make it feel as though the character is responding subtly to the T-shirt itself: crouched into a ball, sat inside the T-shirt as if he lives there. I enjoy reinterpreting old, well-known characters like Mighty Mouse into my own creations. I know this idea has been done to death, but I think that’s what keeps iconic imagery alive.

It’s always incredibly satisfying when the people you work for give you free reign over a design – it’s every designer’s dream. That’s what I loved about Mighty Humble’s approach, and that’s why I had so much fun designing this T-shirt. I hope people love it as much as I do.”

The Mighty Mouse T-shirt by Biff costs $39 USD and is available to buy online from 8th April. To see the full Mighty Humble collection visit www.mightyhumble.com.

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