ISlidee NBA 2K eSports Slides

Just in time for “THE TIPOFF” tournament, the inaugural season start for the NBA 2K League on Twitch, ISlide signs a licensing deal with the eSports basketball arm to design custom slides for all the league teams.

The Massachusetts based footwear brand and Shark Tank alum is no stranger to working with the mega empire that is eSports. In fact, last year ISlide exploded on the scene with the custom designed slides for the Rogue, Regal Reserve, SPLY, and Gravity gaming teams. Currently, ISlide is the only provider of high end, custom footwear in the gaming industry.

“The international gaming community is growing at such an impressive rate. We see the future in eSports, and are excited that ISlide can be a part of such an innovative and expanding industry.”

– Justin Kittredge, founder of ISlide.

The NBA 2K League slides are now available for all 13 teams for just $49.99.

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