Nobis x Fête Chinoise Lunar New Year Bucket Hat

Canadian outerwear brand Nobis has dropped a limited-edition, reversable bucket hat to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The all-over print was created in collaboration with Fête Chinoise, a Chinese-Canadian cultural platform created by design firm Palettera. 

The limited-edition style puts forth a design that celebrates cultural heritage, weaving together the past and the contemporary. Captivating in its aesthetic, the tiger-stripes and poetic tree branches carrying thousands of little plum blossoms represent the long-held tradition of strength and growth, despite adversity. The efforts of Nobis and Fête Chinoise work to transpose these cultural traditions by deconstructing the visual elements of the revered Tiger and the auspicious plum blossoms to create a one-of-a-kind culturally-rooted design statement.

“This year, we are honored to introduce our very first Lunar New Year capsule that has given Nobis the opportunity to get involved with respected cultural champions who have played integral roles in bringing this collection to life.

– Kevin Au-Yeung, President and Co-founder of Nobis

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