NOBLE Denim Jacket Aged in Bulleit Bourbon Barrels

Last year we gave you a closer look at NOBLE Denim’s partnership with Bulleit Bourbon on their bourbon barrel aged jeans. Today, I’m excited to announce their latest collaboration set to launch December 6 – the Bulleit x Noble Jacket.

The NOBLE Denim jacket is not your ordinary jean jacket. At first glance it may seem like it is, but look a little closer. Its most notable feature is the denim itself, which was aged in Bulleit Bourbon barrels. You don’t have to be a bourbon fan to appreciate that unique touch.

Bulleit x Noble Denim Jacket

Look even closer and you will see the Bulleit x Noble collaboration co-branded in the buttons, tag, a Fort Lonesome chain stitch embroidered patch and the barrel-aged corduroy collar.

Bulleit x Noble Denim Jacket

Bulleit x Noble Denim Jacket

Bulleit x Noble Denim Jacket

The Bulleit x Noble Jacket is cut and sewn in the USA out of 13.5 oz denim from Cone Mills White Oak. I can verify that the jackets are true to size and come pre shrunk; mine fits perfectly. The size options include XS-XL.

The suggested retail price of the Bulleit x Noble Jacket is $285, and can be purchased online at starting December 6. Small batch runs will be available in select shops: Manready in TX, Tanner Goods in Portland, and at the Pop Up Flea in New York City.

Bulleit Bourbon

To celebrate the launch of this unique collaboration, Bulleit x Noble Sessions was born, featuring Houndsmouth and the Bulleit x Noble Denim Jacket. Over the next few weeks they will be releasing three songs by Houndsmouth. Follow the link to the teaser:

Houndsmouth - Bulleit Bourbon x NOBLE Denim

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