OVO x Playboy varsity jackets

Drake’s fashion line, October’s Very Own, has teamed up with Playboy for another memorable collaboration. The partnership features a unique collection that combines the iconic owl and bunny symbols. The collection, which is available now, includes a variety of co-branded items such as varsity jackets, rugby shirts, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories, all with the “Certified Lover Boy” seal of approval.

  • OVO®/Playboy Varsity Jacket
  • OVO®/Playboy Chenille Hoodie
  • OVO®/Playboy Pin-Up Hoodie
  • OVO®/Playboy Rugby Polo
  • OVO®/Playboy Hotline Longsleeve T-Shirt
  • OVO®/Playboy Classic Logo T-Shirt
  • OVO®/Playboy Gold Owl T-Shirt
  • OVO®/Playboy Pin-Up T-Shirt
  • OVO®/Playboy Roulette T-Shirt
  • OVO®/Playboy Entertainment T-Shirt
  • OVO®/Playboy Sportcap
  • OVO®/Playboy Pin-Up Cap
  • OVO®/Playboy Bicycle Playing Cards
  • OVO®/Playboy Keychain

OVO x Playboy hoodies OVO x Playboy hats OVO x Playboy keychain OVO x Playboy collared sweatshirts

The OVO x Playboy collaboration is now available online. Visit October’s Very Own online shop to see the entire collection.