Shirts with a Guaranteed Fit from Pacific Issue

Pacific Issue is the latest clothing company looking to change the way men shop for shirts. As their story page states, they were bored of the “baggy blue shirts,” with the unflattering fits. You know the kind: the neck fits too tight, while the waist billows out all wrinkly and gross looking. Not flattering at all.

An issue I’ve always had as a guy who is well below the “average” height is finding a brand that can accommodate my exact size. I find it rare that a brand’s small size fits perfectly. This is where Pacific Issue’s use of data science to algorithmically find your perfect size comes into play.

In just under a minute, you’re able to create a custom shirt that not only fits perfect, because it has your exact measurements, but has attitude and style as well. Their team has scoured the Earth looking for the best quality materials and expert tailors to help craft their hand-picked fabrics. The shirt I’m modeling above is their ‘Flora & Fauna‘ shirt.

I recommend giving Pacific Issue a shot if you’re looking to free your closet of all those old boring unfit shirts you no longer wear.

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