Anyone that knows watches is familiar with the iconic lines of Panerai‘s Luminor. Though it was originally created in the ‘50s for members of the Italian Navy, it’s sleek design and expert Swiss mechanics have made it a staple for divers and timepiece connoisseurs alike. That said, however, the features that have made it stand out so well in regards to it’s intended practical use have meant a body on the bulkier side. So, when it came to a night out, chances are the Luminor 1950 would not be coming along. Thankfully, Panerai gets us and graced us with a solution in the release of the Luminor Due (PAM00677 Luminor Due 3 Days Oro Rosso in 2016 and PAM00739 Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Acciaio in 2017).

Luminor Due side by side comparison
Profile thinness comparison of the Luminor Due to the Luminor 1950

You’ll notice that the design of the new watches beautifully match that of the original, with the same sandwich dial, crown-protecting bridge, and cushion case features. So what’s the difference? Thanks to the use of two new calibers, the Dues are an incredible 10.5 and 10.7mm. That’s 40% thinner than its progenitor’s over 15mm. Of course, those looking to actually dive with their wristwatch might want to stick with the Luminor 1950, as the newer models are only built for depths of 30m versus 300m. But, hey, never been mad about options!

Panerai Luminor Due backing

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Photo credit: Gear Patrol