Pilot and Captain started in 2012 as a side project between Dustin Summers and Jason Kernevich — the duo behind the award-winning, Philadelphia-based design studio, The Heads of State and is inspired by a true affinity towards the “good old days of planes, trains and discovery.”

Having no inkling that the brand would grow so rapidly, the brand’s motto, “Where you’ve been, where you’re from and where you’re going,” seems nearly comical to the guys behind the brand at this point, as their “side project” has taken them on quite an unexpected journey in and of itself—one much larger than they had anticipated when first designing thoughtful travel posters.

Aside from the elements of nostalgia and allegiance that have helped rapidly and organically grow the brand, it is the thoughtfully designed and curated stock of items that they offer that helps the brand to stand out so greatly. Plus, there is a near interactive element to the brand, in that almost cliché way, by which you wearing your hometown, or favorite part of the world, proudly across your chest, you feel like you are truly a part of something bigger but yet equally as intimate.

P&C is available internationally, and is being sold online and at retailers throughout the country.